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Homework policy

2017-2018 Homework Policy


We will have about 40 minutes of nightly homework Monday through Friday every week. It will consist of practice work that students should be able to do on their own. If students do not have activities to work on at home they can practice math facts, take practice tests, practice reading aloud, work on IXL or StudyIsland, work on spelling city, and/or practice their spelling words. Please ensure that your child works for about 20 minutes on their homework each night along with another 20 minutes of reading their library books. Students will have three books at all times that they are working on to read.

A spelling contract will be given each Monday along with the spelling words. The activities on the contract will need to be worked on mostly at home and turned in on Friday before the spelling test.

Other daily work that students may need to finish at home is:

-Saxon math side B

-Saxon math facts page

-Daily writing journal entry

-Reading and/or grammar worksheets

If there is homework that a student does not understand send it back with them and I will help them, they can finish the work at school. If a situation arises that they are not able to work on their homework, contact me, I will make arrangements for them to work at school to get it finished.

Thank You