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Why is Physical Education Important?

Why is Physical Education Important?



Why is physical education important? Children must have a healthy body, spirit and mind and physical health does not only mean without having any disease but also having a body that is flexible, coordinated and strong. Children who are in between three to four years old maybe physically healthy but as they grow older and spend hours just sitting in their class with their schoolwork, they tend to be unhealthy and inactive due to lack of physical activity.


Why is physical education important? Physical education is necessary because it is a fact that there is an increasing health risks involved because of being overweight and inactive. One cause of childhood obesity is the refusal of physical education in most schools. Why is physical education important is a question a lot of people ask and it is vital to know that physical education plays an important role in the overall well-being of a child.


Why is physical education important? It is because of the fact that physical education can help children improve their physical fitness and nurture positive attitudes. Physical education can provide children different skills that they can enjoy and help them know the importance of exercise as well as the association between physical health and overall well-being.


Why is physical education important? Physical education has many health benefits and one of these is its effect on physical fitness including cardiovascular stamina, flexibility, coordination and strength. Physical education can also improve the mood and increase attention of children. In addition, children can learn teamwork, sportsmanship and tolerance for others. They can also be exposed to different kinds of physical activities such as running, swimming, gymnastics and other sports that can benefit them in the future.


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