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Lesson Plans

Week of May 14-18, 2018


Reading: “Rocketing Into Space”  “Out of This World!  The Ellen Ochoa Story”

              “A FLight to Lunar City”

Comprehension:  Problem/Solution       Biography

Grammar:   Adjectives 

Spelling:  explained, remain, reading, detail, presoak, monkey, brief, preteen, about, alowing, complain, enjoys, poison, repeats, unreal    (Test Friday)

Math:  Writing Hundredths

            Dividing a 2-digit number with remainder

            Simplify expressions

            Identifying Place Value to Millions


Handwriting:  Continuing to learn to write upper case cursive letters.


AR:  Students are reading and quizzing on library books and  focusing on keeping 

test average of 85%.  (Last day to meet goal is May 15th.  Celebration will be held on May 16th.)