Students of the Month

Students of the Month


At Southwest, we recognize students in each classroom that consistently demonstrate positive behaviors.  Criteria include demonstrating “The Big Three” all month.

(1) Doing the Right Thing   (2) Treating People Right   (3) Doing Their Personal Best

Student of the month qualifications are based on qualities such as character, leadership, and citizenship, not necessarily on academics. 

     - student is prepared for class and participates well putting forth full effort
     - student has good attendance
     - student completes all assignments and homework
     - student has good work ethic and is responsible

     - student demonstrates respect to peers and teachers
     - student assists others in need
     - student shows acts of kindness
     - student demonstrates a positive attitude
     - student follows rules & displays good conduct (No behavioral referrals for the month)
     - student is a positive role model by example


Students receiving this nomination will earn a “special” lunch where they sit at the front of the cafeteria during lunch with the other Students of the Month from their grade level and I am their “waitress”.  They will also decorate an ALL ABOUT ME posters which will be displayed in the cafeteria.  Mr. Meget gives them the task of being the official “greeters” each morning when students entered the gym.  In past years, Students of the Month have done an awesome job at this.  It is so nice for students and staff to be greeted with handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, and “good mornings” when they enter the gym each morning.  

We will continue recognizing our amazing Southwest students this school year. 


















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