Lesson Plans

Week of September 25-29, 2017

No School Friday

Parent Teacher Conferences this week.  Please try to come to your appointed time.  If unable to make it, please call to reschedule.

Try to complete sign-up for See Saw.  You will be able to view things your child does in class.  Also, it’s a very convenient way to correspond back and forth, in case you have questions.


Reading:  “A Mountain of History”   “A Natural Beauty”   “A Landmark Street”

     Comprehension Skill:  Main Idea/Details   Vocabulary Skill:   Context Clues

Grammar:  Compound Sentences

Spelling:  long o sound

coast, float, toad, coal, soak, gold, sold, scold, slope, broke, note, bone, slow, show, foe        (Test on Thursday)

Handwriting:  Continuing to learn cursive letters.

Math:  Identifying a dozen and half dozen/Writing fractions to show part of a set

          Reading and writing numbers to l,000 using digits

          Writing money amounts using dollar signs and cent symbols

          Reading and Shading a Thermometer to nearest 2 degrees Fahrenheit

          Addition Facts

AR:  Students are reading and quizzing on library books.  Focusing on keeping a

test average of 85%.