Lesson Plans

Week of February 26-March 2, 2018


Try to complete sign-up for See Saw.  You will be able to view things your child does in class.  Also, it’s a very convenient way to correspond back and forth, in case you have questions.


We will be taking the Alpha Reading and Math tests this week.  We will share results with you on Parent-Teacher conferences scheduled for either March 5th or 8th.  Your assigned time will be in your child’s Monday folder on February 26th.


Reading:  “Juanita and the Beanstalk”  “Clever Jack Takes the Cake”

               “When Corn Was Cash”

               Skills:  Point of View,  Root Words,  Fact/Opinion

               Genre:  Fairy Tales


Grammar:  homophones, articles, prepositions, punctuation, commas

Spelling:  (Compound Words)   airplane, daytime, birthday, daylight, hairdo, somebody, birdhouse, barefoot, headlight, sometime, someone, newspaper, sidewalks, basketball, stagecoach     (Test on March 2nd)



            Writing Number Sentences for Division Story Problems

            Multiplying a Multiple of 10, 100, or 1,000 by a Single Digit Number

            Multiplying by 9-    Making a Table

            Transformations:  Translations, Rotations, and Reflections

            Identifying right, acute and obtuse angles


Handwriting:  Continuing to learn to write upper case cursive letters.


AR:  Students are reading and quizzing on library books and  focusing on keeping 

test average of 85%.  (A new point goal has been set for your child.  The 3rd 

9-weeks began on January 16th  Please encourage your child to be reading.)